The World's AR Smartest Helmet. Wearable device that connects workers in a variety of industries and environments to real-time information augmented work, instructions and more

WiFi Plug & Play connection Hands-free HMD or See-Through display Bidirectional Audio / video communication Real time Documents Sharing
Flying Doctor is a revolutionary device that allows you to support in real time a remote technician to complete a complex task on a plant or machinery. Thanks to this innovative technology, your expert can be immediately connected with the technician that needs support and can help him with an interactive audio and video session, sharing real time information, using augmented reality to highlight problems and identifying tiny components. All is done in real time and in mobility. The wearable Flying Doctor helmet allows the technician to work hands-free and focus on the real problem. Either he is in New Zeeland, Pakistan or any other place, problem is solved in real time, remotely and in mobility.

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